Sustainable Travel for
the Conscious Traveller

Our Commitment

There’s nothing like meeting face to face, PriceBreaker Corporate recognises the importance of in-person interactions for cultivating business relations. We also believe that business travels can be conducted in a sustainable manner, benefiting both our clients and the environment.  

That’s why PriceBreaker Corporate is committed to helping businesses travel responsibly and achieve their sustainability goals by providing travellers with information on their carbon footprint, and options to reduce carbon emissions produced by travels.

Our Capabilities

Understand your company’s carbon footprint

Make better-informed travel decisions with insights of your company’s carbon footprint brought about by travel. 

  • Carbon emissions reporting for flight, train, car and hotel. 
  • Carbon emissions reporting for online and offline bookings.
  • Carbon emissions calculations adhere to international standards.

Recognise alternatives

Evaluate travel itineraries and reduce carbon footprint by selecting alternative travel options.

  • Proposing more eco-friendly modes of transport: high speed train, car, and/or coach as an alternative to domestic flights.
  • Proposing alternatives that minimise flight emissions: direct flights only, fuel efficient carriers or carriers that utilise sustainable aviation fuel.​

Offset your company’s carbon footprint

Meet your business’ sustainability goals by buying carbon offsets to balance carbon emissions.

  • Options to purchase carbon offsets.

Redefine Your Corporate Travel Programme for a Greener Future

Wanting to be more sustainable in your business travel is easy, putting it into practice can be a lot harder. 

If you’re interested to redefine your travel programme for a greener future, feel free to reach out to PriceBreaker Corporate.

1. Baseline assessment​
2. Define and align​
3. Analyse​
4. Finetune​

Take the next step in your sustainable business travel with us.